I love Engrained with all my heart. 

Engrained is a restaurant located in the center of my university’s campus. I think it is SO AWESOME that healthy, locally grown food options are readily available for college students on campus and is not only delicious and affordable, but also helps educate people about sustainable food.

It features locally grown and harvested food. From all organic produce and Fair-Trade coffee to cage-free eggs and chicken, free-range beef, and sustainable seafood. These healthy options are all available from a seasonal menu.

Students are able to 

  • watch chefs prepare meals in a hearth oven
  • get connected with the farms from which their food was harvested
  • receive tips on ways they can change their day-to-day behavior and make a positive impact

An educational thread runs throughout the restaurant featuring eco-friendly products and eco-saving techniques, creating a live atmosphere that is exciting morning, noon, and night.

Engrained goes beyond Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to Rethink, Relearn, Reward.

09/20/12 at 1:00am
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