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Healthy Wholeness Blog
Born out of a natural 'foodie's dilemma' and quest for great health, this blog was meant for college students who love food and want to learn how to cook fast, delicious, healthy recipes from their dorm room.

In my blog, I share personally created, original recipes all cooked inside my dorm room.

No kitchen, no stove, no dishwasher.
Pure creativity, pure madness, pure fun.

Simple Chickpea Salad


  • 1 can black beans
  • 1 can chickpeas
  • large bushel of parsley
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • salt and pepper
  • lemon juice

make me:

Slice parsley and chop bell pepper. Empty beans, bell pepper, and parsley into large mixing bowl and stir together. Add spices and squeeze of lemon. Let flavors meld together.


1 year ago
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Start of Something New

As you know, we have just begun the new year. For many, these means new. New semester.

New classes. New people. New environment. New experiences. New Fear. New Love.

Ask yourself, how are you feeling?

For some, you agreed, invigorated to step boldly into the new year, ready to face whatever comes your way. For others, you may feel anxious, worried, or scared. 

For those who are afraid, perhaps you are holding onto something- resentment or anger towards someone or something. You want to let this thing that consumes you go and leave it in the past, but you just can’t. It is making you weak and afraid, bitter and angry. Realize you cannot move on until you face what is holding you back.


It is time to let it go.

It is time to forgive.

It is time to move on.

You are worthy of so much love. It is time.

Close your eyes, relax, and breathe. Confront what is bothering you. Reach from a place of love and understanding. Accept what is. Move on.

2013, what love, what light, what joy will you bring?

1 year ago
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Own Your Greatness

Hey ya’ll,

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post.

I have been super busy and active in the best way possible. I have been learning the ropes and getting adjusted with my new job as a fitness instructor as well as getting through the heavy school load that occurs at this time of year. I have been meeting many special & unique individuals and am spending a lot of time with people who support and inspire me. I am working on myself and my self growth and learning to accept as well as improve myself. Everything has been an experience where I am continuously struggling, growing, succeeding and learning more each day about myself and the world. I am going to make a conscious effort to make more posts. Healthy Wholeness is something so near and dear to me, I plan on sharing more personal experiences and inspiration along with my food and cooking!

Something I have been practicing more as well as one of the most challenging tasks is owning one’s greatness. Sometimes its hard to accept something you do as being great, even when it is. But it truly is so important and a big part of accepting and loving who you are. Because you ARE great!

Own Your Greatness

 The world is there to help you and WANTS you to succeed but it only works with you when you work for yourself. Believing yourself and your capabilities is something that is truly so important. If you don’t work, if you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?

I’ve been keeping these thoughts in mind and believing they are true:

I am owning my greatness today and everyday

I am capable of anything

I am me

 I am the best me

LOVE. I am loving myself and my life more and more. It is a learning process, but mostly everyday atleast for parts of the day but pretty consistently I am happy, genuinely happy with my life and I feel like I’m in the right place doing the right things at the right time. I am being me.

1 year ago
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Cooking is not monotonous; it’s as varied and challenging and rewarding a task as exists. Cooking will pay you back in spades every single time you do it.
Mark Bittman
1 year ago
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Delicious Dinner:

Creamy polenta with spicy marinara, roasted tomatoes, butternut squash, and shaved parmesan, asiago, and romano cheese

1 year ago
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Spicy Eggplant Soup

Warm eggplant, avocado, roasted tomatoes, pesto cous cous, creamy tomato soup, veggie broth, italian herbs, cracked pepper, red chili flakes, and cayenne pepper

…..sooooo yummmy

1 year ago
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You can’t expect to draw people into your life who are kind, confident, and generous if you’re thinking and acting in cruel, weak, and selfish ways. You must be what it is that you’re seeking- that is, you need to put forth what you want to attract.

If Today Was Your Last Day

What if today was the last day of your life?


Think about it. 

How would you spend it?

What would you do?

Who would you do it with?

What would you say?

Too often we create monotonous patterns in our everyday lives. And you have to admit, we get caught up in it. We get used to doing the same things everyday. Worrying about little things that don’t matter and rarely stopping to think about what does.

Money. What others think. Pleasing people. Our job. Our boss. Our peers. Chores. Body image. Material goods. School. Our future. Our professors. Our schoolwork. What someone said. Fears. Not being ” ” enough. Not living up to our potential. Dissatisfaction. Negativity. 

These things are just part of the daily grind. But what does it all mean?

In short, Absolutely Nothing.

What matters?

Love. Appreciation. Gratitude. Self-expression. Compassion. Letting go. Being free. Being happy. Living in the moment. Right Now.

If today was my last day, I would want everyone I love and care about to know exactly how I felt about them. I would want to spend my day with all of my friends and family in laughter and smiles, good food, and lots of sunshine pouring through all of us.

I would let go of any and every fear that ever hold me back in my life, living in the moment fully and presently.

I would share, smile, engage, laugh, create, dance, sing, jump as much and as often as possible.

As we all know, but don’t realize we are never guaranteed a second chance. We are only given this one life. I don’t know about you, but I refuse to let life pass me by. I refuse to wait until the end of my life to start living it fully, presently, and with sunshine pouring through me.

I promise to live each day.

Join me.

Love. Laugh. Live. Be.

Cheers, Lauren

1 year ago
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Dear Self,

I love you and I accept you. I know how hard you try and how much you do. I know how good you are and how happy you feel. I know sometimes you feel discouraged, frustrated, or confused. But, I promise everything is okay. Everything will be okay. Everything will be amazing. Just keep that chin up and keep moving, dancing, flying, jumping, exploring, and seeing that glass half full.

Life isn’t always easy, in fact it’s never easy. But if it was, what would be the point? Life is mysterious, intriguing, chaotic at times. It is filled with ups, downs, and unexplainables. In this world and in this life all you can do, is be you. Because who you are is someone so unique and special to the world.

And don’t worry so much. The universe is here to help you and is meant to. It wants you to succeed and is helping you with it’s abundance of opportunities. It loves you. All you gotta do is love yourself.

Love, Self

1 year ago
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Fresh greens with heirloom tomatoes, quinoa, sundried tomatoes, and artichoke antipasto, all fresh from the local farmer :) yummmmmm

Fresh greens with heirloom tomatoes, quinoa, sundried tomatoes, and artichoke antipasto, all fresh from the local farmer :) yummmmmm

1 year ago
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Soup is the best on cozy dorm days!

Spicy, smoky vegetable soup with avocado, herbs, roasted tomatoes, pesto cous cous and greens

1 year ago
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EMBRACE VULNERABILITY- To have connection, you must show yourself

How do we learn to embrace our vulnerabilities and imperfections so that we can engage in our lives from a place of authenticity and worthiness? How do we cultivate the courage, compassion, and connection that we need to recognize that we are enough – that we are worthy of love, belonging, and joy?

What I am working on:

1. COURAGE- to be imperfect

2. COMPASSION- to be kind to myself first, and then others (can’t have the second without the first)

3. CONNECTION- as a result of authenticity

What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.

1 year ago
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Easy on the go Pita

Whole wheat honey pita with dried berries, pumpkin butter, and banana

1 year ago
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Breakfast Today:

Egg white omelette with roasted grape tomatoes, 1/2 sliced avocado, mixed greens, squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper

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